Death is a certainty for us all

but it still remains a difficult subject for us to talk about.

Losing someone can be extremely difficult and it can create uncertainty. A good funeral is one that gives thanks and celebrates the life lost, whether the time on earth was short or long.

I am a loving, supportive experienced celebrant.

I see my role as supporting you to create the most perfect ceremony that is right not only for you, but also for your loved one and which honours the beliefs and values of your loved one.

You can contact me direct or through a funeral director.

We will have conversations in a way that suits you best, spending time talking about how you would like the funeral to be. I talk you though the house keeping answering any questions you may have, and we go onto talk about your memories and stories of your loved one. I am there to support you and to guide you with questions if needed.

Each ceremony that I write is personal and unique, some aspects do have similar words used, for time of reflection and committal, where the coffin is lowered or covered in a crematorium (if this is your wish) or interred into the ground for a burial, but I can always suggest options for you.

I have many resources that I have collected over the years that I can share with you, poems, readings, prayers and music.
There is no right or wrong with a funeral, it has to be right for your and for your loved one.

The ceremony can be a traditional format, or we can create a celebration of life in a venue of your choosing.

The Ceremony
The words that are spoken in the ceremony are the words spoken by you all, familiar sayings and terms of endearment. I am happy to include your beliefs and values, familiar stories and descriptions of the person who has passed.

I am happy to include stories and humour if that is appropriate for you and also share hopes and dreams especially if it is the service for a young person.

The service is all about the person, sharing the essence of them, I am more than happy to support individuals if they wish to talk at the service or write the eulogy.

Afterwards you will receive a ribbon bound scroll of the service for you to keep. I keep in touch; I’ll give you a ring a few weeks after and send a card on the first anniversary. I still meet some families and individuals for a coffee and cake years after I first met them. As a homeopath and therapist, I can offer support with grief and loss.


My job is to write and officiate a very personal funeral ceremony for families who would like a personal, real life and individually written ceremony for their loved one.

Every single one of us is different, and I write my ceremonies that way – I will always try to make their day as unique as possible using whatever aspects of a person’s life you feel is appropriate to include.

I usually write ceremonies around the person’s life and experiences, including all manner of subjects, circumstances and following your wishes. This can include religion and faith, touching and emotional elements to the more humorous and ‘colourful’ in language if that’s what you’d prefer. Ultimately, I’ll work with you and do the right thing for the right person.

Sometimes my work involves negotiating some very difficult and challenging circumstances that families have encountered. From the end of a natural life, to difficult and tragic circumstances. A person’s choice to die by suicide can be difficult for those left behind. Everything is confidential and with my background in personal therapy you’re in very capable and competent hands.

Get in touch

I’m here to help you, and make sure everything is covered and will take as much or as little involvement in the whole process of saying goodbye to someone in your life.