Community of the Open Sanctuary

“Sees through masks, hears beyond words, holds you in unconditional love.”

Marriage is a sacred commitment made between two people who have made the decision to spend their lives together. It is an invisible bond forged from their vows and promises to each other.

Marriage is a container woven through life and all the events, both tragic and joyous, that they share. Each event deepens their bonds, enhancing their marriage, which supports them through the more challenging times.

The wedding ceremony is making a promise: marriage is living the promise.

Marriage is a promise to the other to not give up on them, always to be there even when the other may not be at their best or have lost their way. Marriage is a promise to always see the best in the other, always to see them as they were on the day you married them. Marriage offers a gift of accountability, your closest, most loved one always wanting you to be the best you can be.

Our community consists of people who have chosen to live in a conscious relationship with the Divine of their awareness. This means they live following Divine Guidance and Spiritual Principles. They see the Divine Presence everywhere, in nature, in society, and in every person they encounter.


Each member of the Open Sanctuary is unique. What brings us together is our desire to help ourselves and others be the best we can be.

We know that our relationships with others are vital and have a deep desire and willingness to maximise them.

It could be said that `Life is a vehicle for relationships, and relationships are the vehicle for the giving and receiving of love.’

In truth, we are everyone.

Who are we?

“We believe in the Oneness of All.
Living, accepting, and respecting
all with a forgiving heart leading to a life of
Simplicity, Peace, and Love”


We aim to live:

  • In conscious and committed self-awareness.
  • As honestly as awareness allows.
  • With compassion for every living organism.
  • In constant practice of forgiveness, of self and others.
  • Committed to spiritual practice and growth.
  • In the deepest integrity possible always.
  • In Authenticity, with Reverence and as Simply as we can.

shared beliefs

We are here to serve as Spiritual Ministers, helping you discern your core beliefs and support you in living them.

By extending ourselves into our in-person and virtual communities, we have an invisible parish we minister to. Through care and vigilance, we aim to serve our communities as richly as we can, from cards and blessings to online workshops or gatherings, practical help (as we are able in these times), and prayer.

One blessing we receive is being invited to honour the key points in life. We can recalibrate the energetic fabric of our lives, families, and communities by creating and delivering weddings, funerals, and all rites of passage. We can heal in unity by welcoming, healing, celebrating, giving thanks, forgiving, and grieving together.

We listen to you to understand what is important to you, your beliefs and manner of being in the world, and the language that resonates with you, such as the name you use for your Higher Power.

  • Presencing – being with you through the journey of life.
  • Online workshops on a variety of issues.
  • Quarterly services of gratitude for the world, nature, each other, and our Higher Power.
  • Retreats where we invite you to join us in consciously taking time out to spend with the Divine receiving guidance.
  • The creation and delivery of various ceremonies, such as baby blessings, legal weddings, funerals, rites of passage, and healing services.

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